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Backpack Selection Guide | 10 minutes to let you know the type, purchase and maintenance of the backpack

by ADRIAN on January 14, 2017
Backpack Selection Guide | 10 minutes to let you know the type, purchase and maintenance of the backpack

Various shoulder bags with different capacities and functions

Because the backpack can be carried behind, the two hands can move freely and have fewer restrictions on movement. It is a good bag for carrying personal belongings. In addition to various scenes, from lively to popular styles, all kinds of designs are available, plus backpacks have a variety of different designs and functions, is a backpack style that is loved by men, women and children.

Backpacks range from smaller day-to-day backpacks to large-capacity backpacks that can hold clothes or food. Not only are there a wide variety of backpacks, but the capacity is also very different.

A small-sized backpack like a backpack, with a capacity of about 20 liters. If you want to pack a little more to the streets, you can also choose a backpack of about 30 liters. But be careful, when you carry a large backpack, you may bump into pedestrians or other items.Leather_Backpack

If you want to put a heavy electronic product such as a tablet or a big and heavy thing like a camera or a travel book while traveling, you need a lighter lightweight backpack.

If you choose a lightweight backpack, it is difficult to break the weight of the nylon material, just like a small storage bag, and the nylon bag with light weight and many storage pockets is most suitable.

It is very convenient to use a backpack without a carry-on when it is raining or snowing. It is very difficult to worry about whether the contents of the backpack will get wet when walking. It is most suitable to use a waterproof backpack. The backpack with waterproof processing has a smooth appearance, and the rain and dirt are wiped off. It is also suitable for people riding a locomotive or bicycle on a rainy day.

The common and mountaineering backpacks vary greatly in shape and design. In order to allow users to carry heavy and heavy things for a long time, the mountaineering backpack usually has a belt, or a pocket with a convenient drink or towel. A 30-litre backpack is enough for a day or two to stay in a mountaineering cabin for one night. If you are used to climbing and are expected to stay in the mountains for a few nights, it is more appropriate to use a large-capacity backpack of 50 liters or more. The mountaineering bag can be opened in another article. It is not recommended as a guide for the purchase of mountaineering bags.

Although it is convenient to use both hands with a backpack, there is no way to take out the contents of the backpack. The inconvenience is to use a backpack with a zipper on the side or back. This backpack will have a small pocket on the side or back. Just put a small item such as a wallet, key or mobile phone in it and put it out when you need it.

In the past, most of the shoulder bags were used by men when they were at work or school, but the number of women who used backpacks to go to work or go to school recently has also increased. There may be more women who go to work or go to school by bicycle, or a more secure relationship with heavy objects such as laptops, which makes the number of women using backpacks more.

Backpacks used by office workers should avoid too strange designs or colors, so choosing a black, gray or dark blue backpack should be the safest. The design should be as simple as possible. Try not to have a lot of pockets outside. The overall appearance is better. Messy backpack. In addition, the leather backpack is more formal with the work clothes, and the black leather backpack is a versatile model.

It is also good to choose a material that is waterproof or can be worn with a suit. If you want to bring a laptop or a tablet, choose a computer backpack with a computer storage function. Professional computer bag with laptop, tablet compartment, cushion to protect the computer from daily collision