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Backpack brand recommendation: the 16 most popular backpack brands (2)

by ADRIAN on January 14, 2017
Backpack brand recommendation: the 16 most popular backpack brands (2)

Fj?llr?ven is an outdoor brand in Sweden, translated into Chinese as an Arctic fox, covering backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and outdoor clothing. The K?NKEN backpack style of the Arctic fox is not much different, but it is slightly different in details, color scheme and size. It is very popular in Northern Europe and basically has one hand. Click here to try to buy.

K?NKEN backpack design is simple and atmospheric, very popular with Wenqing, many people love it, although the style is single, but the color is a lot, it is a very light package. The waterproof is very sturdy, wearable and can be loaded, but the version is hard and the pockets are designed very little. The strap is very thin. If you usually have a small back, it doesn't matter if you back it. If you remember to buy something, you can buy it with a decompression belt.

If you start, you need to pay attention to K?NKEN's backpack is quite dirty, easy to fade, it is not recommended to clean, a wash will definitely fade, the edge will be white, luck back version will be paralyzed, can not support. If you need cleaning, please use a special decontamination wipe, which is available at the official store. In addition, you usually need waxing and maintenance. The maintenance method is to apply the whole package to the wax first, then blow it with a hair dryer. The wax will immediately melt into the fabric, and the wax stick is available at the official store. After the wax is finished, the bag will become very new and the color will be brighter.

cote&ciel I first knew that the brand was the ISAR RUCKSACK that they worked with Evernote. At that time, it was a deep user of Evernote, so the surrounding products of the home had some understanding, although it has now been deceived for two years.

Cote&ciel is a brand founded in 2008 in the Marais district of Paris. Cote&ciel, which means "coast and sky" in French, symbolizes the advocacy of the collision between the coast and the sky, and draws inspiration from nature. You click here to try to buy.Leather_Backpack

The cote&ciel backpack is very bold in design, and many styles are considered to be very cutting-edge designs in the backpack market, and it is difficult to find the same model on the market. The most important thing about this brand's bag is its design, which can be said to be its soul.

Cote&ciel's product line covers a wide range: shoulder bags, messenger bags, dumpling bags, handbags, travel bags, handbags, storage bags and wallets are all involved. And often come out with some joint names, such as in addition to the product with the impression notes, and Apple also launched a series of Apple products.

Every year, there are new styles, such as design (various lines, lines, contrast or solid color) and materials (currently used canvas, coated canvas, leather, polyester fiber, eco-friendly yarn, etc.).

The cote&ciel backpacks come with their own computer compartments, making them ideal for programs. Fabrics and zippers are waterproof and resistant to dirt and abrasion. However, for the sake of styling, the weight and weight have been sacrificed. Most of the backpacks are not light in weight, and the system design is also very common, and it is more difficult to carry them.

In addition, the backpack of cote&ciel is more suitable for tall people, the short one is difficult to control, and the height is 175cm or less.